Ergonomics simply refers to the study of the design 人體工學 subjects such as chairs, office chairs, keyboards and workstations that are adapted to the shape of the human body. You probably won’t find a really cheap ergonomic chair or a cheap ergonomic office chair, but you may find cheap, good quality ergonomic chairs. Often they can be found at a good discount. Some people spend thousands of dollars on new computers and then buy an inexpensive chair in a furniture store or stationery without thinking about their ergonomic health.

Ergonomics can be used in many work environments, including medical, industrial and laboratory environments, but in today’s office environment it is more important than ever. Everyone should pay more attention to ergonomics when buying or buying what they are going to use daily, which can seriously harm their health, leading to chronic back pain, varicose veins, neck pain, headaches and many other medical or health problems. . Sitting position is important. Buying an ergonomic chair, you want to choose an ergonomic chair, which has all the necessary functions and settings, but is affordable.

Ergonomic comfort is very important for business owners, so that employees are vigilant and suffer less from lower back pain and other back and neck pain leading to sick leave. If you only buy one seat, ask for a corporate discount. If you buy more than one seat, you will be able to get a discount on several places. You just have to ask.

If you need an ergonomic chair for a supervisor, it usually has an adjustable headrest or headrest. If you need an industrial chair, it must have the strength for long-term use in a factory or in a manufacturing workshop.

Choosing a fabric is important for an ergonomic industrial chair because cleaning it can be a problem. Strong ergonomic chairs are durable and, above all, must have an ergonomic design, as workers usually sit for several hours at a time. Ergonomic designer chairs, medical armchairs and dental chairs benefit greatly from the use of ergonomics.

The seat shell is the part of the chair that withstands most of the user’s weight. Height-adjustable pneumatic levers, also known as gas elevators, adjust the height of the seat while you are in the chair. Three or four fingers must be placed between the front of the seat and the back of the knees.

Use an ergonomic chair with wheels and a 5-point base to facilitate movement and minimize rollover. Your weight should be evenly distributed on the seat of the chair, so look for a round or bottom-down edge in front of the chair that will prevent the chair from clinging to its knees and disrupting circulation. Ergonomics at home and in the office is important because we spend many more hours working in the office or home office and then use the computer at home for other reasons. Therefore, be sure to use an ergonomic computer chair.

Look for width and height adjustable tasks that are suitable for a variety of tasks, including writing and reading, to reduce neck and shoulder tension and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Insufficient support for the lower back leads to excessive stress on the spinal cord. Keep in mind that a well-placed lower back pillow can support the lumbar area.

Get reviews of ergonomic chairs: review brands of ergonomic chairs and get, among other things, reviews of Herman Miller Aeron chairs. Check out the ergonomic office chairs at Costco and make sure they’re really ergonomic, not just ergonomic. There’s a difference. Prices are usually lower in large box stores if you buy offline, but you can get a lot of great deals online. Free shipping is often offered.

There are online stores that rent ergonomic armchairs and other expensive ergonomic equipment; You can try out the chair for a month before you decide to buy it, and if you decide to keep it for yourself, the shops will compensate for the full cost rent. This can be a good deal if you need an expensive Aeron chair, but you want to know if it suits you with a mesh chair.

Every time you see an ergonomic designation, see if it’s a real ergonomic chair or just a marketing move. Some other ergonomic products that you can buy cheaply include:

When buying or buying an ergonomic chair or an ergonomic office chair online, choosing the best ergonomic chair largely depends on the type of work you are doing, whether you’re at home or on the go. A bad ergonomics can cause pain in the back, neck, shoulders, headaches and many other health problems. And if you spend most of your time awake at your desk, you know that you need an ergonomic office chair that works with your body, not against it, to help prevent back pain and stress, unnecessary fatigue.

The terms computer ergonomics and office ergonomics are often used as synonyms; they usually refer to ergonomic chairs adapted to the body, office chairs, stools, tables, keyboards, mice, etc.

Medical chairs and dental chairs also benefit from proper ergonomics. Clean chairs and ESD chairs are also on the market; These seats are available with height-adjustable options as well as seat body and back, and they have the necessary inflatable footrests and lumbar section. Ergonomic comfort is also very important because it keeps employees in suspense. Ergonomic or sturdy seats, also called 24-hour seats, are commonly used for observation rooms in emergency rooms, control rooms and emergency centers.

Ergonomic chairs or chairs for managers, also known as chairlining chairs, usually have a higher back and are covered with leather or stitched leather. Super-strength ergonomic chairs are very strong and, above all, must be ergonomic, as employees usually sit for many hours. Executive chairs usually have a soft back and soft armrests.

The hydraulic adjustment of the seat by height allows the user to adjust the chair correctly so that the feet can rest on the floor or footrest, and the upper body has been properly aligned with the computer screen, keyboard and mouse. The seat should always protrude at least 1 inch on either side of the hips for optimal comfort, as insufficient hip space can cause you to sit too far ahead and not get enough hip support. Adjustment of height and width is absolutely necessary when buying a chair with armrests. The armrests must be made of a soft material and have a width of at least 5 cm to ensure sufficient surface area.

Some of the ergonomic seating seats can be easily tilted forwards or backwards. You can use an ergonomic chair with wheels and a 5-point base to facilitate movement and minimize tilt. A good ergonomic chair or office chair can be reclined and fixed in different positions.

The back of the chair should also be adjusted along the corner, inside and height to ensure the correct alignment of the spine; The angle adjustment allows the user to adjust the angle of the back against the seat body, as opposed to the tilt mechanism that moves the seat body along with the back. The front of the seat should fall slightly and leave a fist-sized gap between the back of the knees and the front of the seat case to reduce the pressure on the back of the thighs. The seat case is the only part of the chair that can withstand most of the user’s weight.

We hope that these ergonomic facts and tips on the functions and types of ergonomic chairs will help you in buying or buying an ergonomic chair online or on the spot in your stationery store or office furniture. Many great deals can be found online and in local stores selling and selling office furniture. And if you can’t afford a Cadillac seat, look for an Aeron seat that starts at about $400, an ergonomic chair or an ergonomic office chair, which is a real ergonomic chair, not an ‘ergonomic’ chair. .. not exactly ergonomic.

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